Chris Brown In Jail For…?

Chris Brown In Jail For…?

That seemed to be the question on a lot of people’s mind the last few days as reports started coming in this weekend that the popular singer was kicked out of his rehabilitation program and placed behind bars. The only thing known initially was the he failed to “comply with the rules and regulations” of the program. Yesterday (Monday, March 23rd, 2014), Brown got a chance to stand in front of the court and we the people got a chance to finally understand why he was prematurely discharged 🙂 from the program.

First of all, this is the second rehab program Chris Brown was removed from in the last 5 months. The first program which he entered voluntarily after allegedly punching a man in DC was a 90-day anger management and drug rehab program. He was kicked out just a few days later for throwing a rock through his mother’s car window, after a family session.

This time around, its reported that he wrote on a card the statement “I am good at using guns and knives.” No telling why on earth he would do that but apparently it was a last straw for the Malibu Rehab Center, who said he also refused a drug test — a statement denied by his lawyer — and touched elbows with a female patient.

Now, the drug test situation, if true is one issue. But, unless touching elbows is a euphemism for having sex, I think brown deserves another strike lol. Because the way I see it the statement about the guns and knives only means he needs to stay in that anger management program just a little bit longer.

Either way, Brown will remain in jail until April 23rd when the judge will decide if the assault charge in Washington justifies if keeping him locked up. Good luck Homie!