Woman Drinks Entire Bottle of Cognac at Airport Security


We’ve all been screwed over by the TSA rule that forbids travelers from bringing liquids over 3.4 ounces on board. We’ve tossed full water bottles. We’ve thrown away jars of nice artisanal jam we were carrying home as a gifts for our dads because we have complicated relationships with our fathers and everyone loves jam, right?Adding to the list of unfortunate tales at airport security, the Telegraph is reporting that one woman at the Beijing Capital International Airport attempted to board her plane with a $189 bottle of Rémy Martin XO Excellence she bought on a stop in the United States when she was told that she could either throw it out or consume it. Challenge accepted: the woman, whose last name is Zhao, chugged the entire bottle.So what happened to our hero? Did she board the plane, drunk and exuberant, as her fellow passengers cheered for her brave feat?No. In fact, the resulting scene is exactly what you’d expect from someone who downed a bottle of cognac in a couple of minutes. She “started shouting incoherently and fell to the floor, which is where she stayed until she was removed by security.” After the police removed her in a wheelchair, her family picked her up and she sobered up only to realize what happened.It’s okay, Ms. Zhao. We’ve all been there. Well, not exactly there, but you get it.

Source: Give It Up for the Woman Who Downed an Entire Bottle of Cognac at Airport Security | Maxim