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Annie 2014 – Jamie Foxx – Will Smith – Jay-Z

Definitely feeling the trailer for this upcoming Annie movie. If you’re feeling it like me, then you’ve got a long wait. It doesn’t drop till Christmas. As I was watching the trailer tho, I noticed a few things. First off, Annie’s black, the character being played by Quvenzhané Wallis. Jamie Foxx plays a rich politician who comes in an leverages this orphan child for his own personal Gain. The second thing I noticed was the baseline as they were singing “Hard Knock Life”. I wasn’t shocked, just please, because it was the drums from Jay-Z’s take on the song and it made too much sense because of the leading black Characters. Upon second viewing, I noticed the production companies involved, namely Overbrook Entertainment (Will Smith’s company). Being a big fan of the guy I dug a little deeper and realized that not only is Will getting production credits on the film, so is Sean “Jay-Z” Carter. I don’t know about you, but his reach in terms of business is impressive. Check out the full cast and crew and watch the trailer below.

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